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China and its trillion dollar bond market

29 June 2021

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China and its trillion dollar bond market

The Chinese economy and markets today bring an almost irresistible combination of growth, size, diversification and yield. But new labour and capital, the main sources of growth so far, are rapidly losing their power, at the same time that the outside world is starting to put constraints in place. Thijs Knaap looks at the changes need to happen for China to keep performing into the next decades.
And what does this mean for the China onshore bond market? China Fixed Income had reached $16tn and is the second largest bond market in the world. Join us and learn about the market and its unique characteristics which Vanessa Chan will delve into.

This event will be moderated by Cees Harm van den Berg from APG Asset Management.

Vanessa Chan is investement director for Fidelity (bio)

Thijs Knaap is chief economist for APG Asset Management (bio).









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Tuesday 29 June 2021, 11:00




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