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RBA Program


The new RBA Program is designed as an integral, complementary program with modular certification. Tailored to the experienced investment professional the intensive world-class curriculum combines case studies, experiential projects and a variety of activities. This all together makes the new RBA program a unique experience.

A modular program

The 12 modules form a consistent portfolio and constitute around the pillars Learn, Change and Lead. To receive an RBA accreditation the 12 modules need successful completion. Themes vary from regulatory dynamics to new investment technologies and investment leadership. And because of the modular nature of the program, it is also possible to sign up for a single module only or start the program with the module that best suits your agenda.

Module 1
Understanding clients and behaviours
Module 6
Enhanced sustainable investment in practice
Module 10
Understanding board room dynamics and interaction
Module 2
Regulatory dynamics and practical implications
Module 7
Impact and long-term investing
Module 11
Investment innovation and change management
Module 3
Advanced asset allocation
Module 8
New investment technologies
Module 12
Growing your investment leadership
Module 4
Balance sheet management
Module 9
Lifecycle investing and DC management
Module 5
The future of manager selection, monitoring and evaluation



The modules within the Learn pillar have been developed together with the VU Amsterdam. Most of the classes will also be given at their location.

VBA Academy

The RBA program is part of the VBA Academy and is composed of different modules of executive nature. The VBA Academy offers different modules and courses to the investment professional. Not only to keep their professional competence up-to-date, but also to help them grow in their careers to the next level of being a trusted partner with effective leadership and a good sense of integrity.

Designed for you?

There are typical professions that would match with the RBA program. If you are interested to learn more about the RBA program or specific modules, please send an e-mail to to request the brochure.


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